What are the file formats?

This will depend on what you’re shopping for and the Licence Type of the product.

Elements – for a Commercial and Enhanced Commercial Licence you receive a PSD (layered Photoshop file) a PNG and a Jpeg file. For the Personal Licence you will receive a JPEG file only as it is for personal use.

All Template and Insta Templates are sent to you as PSD files.


Can I buy the artwork outright?

Please contact us at info@thecreativeleements.com to chat to us about outright artwork.

 Can I buy just one single element/motif from a pack?

Unfortunately this makes for a confusing and complicated website backend, so at the moment the packs come as you see them.


Can you develop a design for me?

We sure can, just drop us an email at info@thecreativeleements.com and we’ll get back to you with some questions before we provide a quote.


Can I have a certain pack made up? 

We have made sure we provide a wide variety of styles and themes so there should be something for everyone.

For the Templates, we can develop something for you, we’ll provide a quote on application just email us at info@thecreativeleements.com


Who can buy the Elements and Templates?

Anyone, please read through the Licencing terms here for all the gritty details


What products can I use them on?

Absolutely anything! There is no limit as long as you purchase the correct Licence type. Click here to read those fun details!


Do I get a discount if I buy more than one?

Unfortunately not. But from time to time we will be offering specials with discount codes, so keep an eye out on our social media accounts for announcements.


Does the downloaded link expire?

It does not expire, once you’ve downloaded it to your computer, file it away and keep it safe. We only allow a maximum of three downloads per purchase, so make sure you save it somewhere you can find it.


How many times can I download the artwork?

3 times only. Make sure you save it somewhere you can find it again!


What programs can I use the elements and templates in?

Photoshop is the ideal program, but you can open individual elements as JPEGS or PNG’s in Canva and Illustrator.


Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Sorry, we don’t refund.


 Can I on-sell the products.

You are not allowed to redistribute the elements/templates and they must be significantly different from the Images in that the End Product has involved the exercise of skill, care and time to produce.


Can I alter and change the Elements and Templates?

Yes, that’s what they are there for. Have fun and make them your own.


What if Im not confident in Photoshop?

Not a problem, we have our own Print School that teaches Photoshop for Textile Design. The courses cover cleaning up motifs, cutting and pasting, colouring up, adjusting colours and so much more. Click here to read more:


How many times can I use the elements or Templates?

It depends on the Licence type you chose. Click here to read more.


What’s the difference between the licences?

Click here to read up on our license types.


My download isn’t working

Contact us and well try our best to help you troubleshoot.


What is the file size?

All files are 300dpi.


Are the images separated from the background?

Templates – The motifs are usually merged with the background, all the type is editable.

Elements – yes, if you purchase the Commercial or Enhanced Commercial License, all files are provided separated from the background. The Personal License is a JPEG file.


Is this the full range or will you be releasing more?

You betcha! We can’t wait to show you more. It’s a constant work in progress. Keep your eyes peeled to social or sign up to our newsletter to hear when the newest is released.


Can I upgrade to the higher Licence?

Please email us at info@thecreativeelements.com for an upgrade code.


Can I see how many times the product has been purchased?

No, we don't offer this as an option.


 Do I get a hard copy?

All of our products are currently digital only, this is so we can deliver them instantly right to your inbox. It also means we aren’t creating any more of those nasty greenhouse gasses.


What Adobe versions do I need to open the files?

The newest version of Photoshop is not needed because you can always drag a JPEG into any version of Photoshop.


Do you organize the printing? 

We can definitely help you organise your printing. Please contact us.


Do I have to credit The Creative Elements?

Of course not, but we always love seeing all the gorgeous creations you guys come up with so make sure you use the hashtag #thecreativelements on your social accounts.